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Hoy en día se ha vuelto caro leer libros interesantes. Hay que comprar, y no es barato. Sin embargo, en este sitio Descargar Gratis Ebooks puede descargar el libro First Pitch (Game Day) de forma gratuita y sin registro y leerlo en cualquier dispositivo. El libro First Pitch (Game Day) está disponible para descargar en varios formatos.

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Learn all about baseball in this fascinating, nonfiction Level 2 Ready-to-Read, part of a new series that gives fans an insider look at their favorite sports!This book is perfect for young, sports-obsessed fans who, in addition to watching and playing sports, crave the kind of expert knowledge that only an insider would know. It’s a beautiful sunny day that’s just right for a baseball game. The announcer arrives at the stadium where she works. There’s lots to do before the game can begin. She’ll share with readers how the players warm up and get ready for the game. She’ll also explain how the fields are prepared, the way the pitcher and catcher decide on what pitches should be thrown, why the white foul lines painted on the grass must be measured perfectly, and all the rules of a major league baseball game. The game begins with the catcher giving the signal for the first pitch. Play ball! A special section in the back of the book is chock-full of even more facts about the game and its storied history and players. It is custom-made for the fan who absorbs all things baseball!

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