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Physiological psychology explores questions that utterly captivate students, but the wealth and complexity of the information can be daunting. When it comes to making this field clearer and relevant to uninitiated students, no introductory text can match Kolb and Whishaw’s An Introduction to Brain and Behavior. Kolb and Whishaw’s distinctive approach to contemporary brain science engages students by answering the basic questions about the interplay between brain and behavior—answers that incorporate the latest clinical and technological developments in research with fascinating case studies creating an accessible, engaging, student-friendly textbook.Now focused more than ever on new technologies used to research the brain and behavior, and featuring new study tools, new art, and new media support, An Introduction to Brain and Behavior, Third Edition is the most exciting edition yet of this extraordinary text.

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Writing for both EMDR therapists and substance abuse counselors, Laurel Parnell provides user-friendly tools to help support clients in recovery with EMDR-based techniques...

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Basic Issues in Rehabilitation of the Brain Damaged Definitions Because of the vagueness surrounding the term brain damage, it is nec­ essary at the outset to define the...

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Eight-year-old Annie gathers the courage to ask her mother, “Why is one of my hands smaller than the other? Why do I fall so much?” What follows is a story of fears, will,...

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Be an ethical, competent lawyer…without overworking.Lawyers, is your mind spinning and constantly thinking about work? Do you feel burdened with responsibility for your...

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More than 40 articles provide an extensive coverage of clinical and basic science advances over the last three years of research on subarachnoid hemorrhage-induced brain...

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Understanding how the brain grows and changes through the stages of life is key to health and wellbeing. This is not a book about the differences between male and female...

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